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Love Me Tease Me Use Me Please Me -She lead me down a dark, deserted street well after midnight, the sound of her high heels clicking on the wet pavement only added to the sense of wicked, dangerous excitement... The whisper of nylon as it caressed her leather wrapped body as she moved was driving me insane... My life was hanged forever. Starring: Tatiana , Chandler , Kaitlyn Ashley, Shawna Edwards, Jill Kelly, Rocki Roads, Mark Davis, Joey Edwards, Eric Price, Cristian Steele, Paul Stryder, John West.
Sin City

Mr. 18" & The Phantom Bitches
Eighteen inches of throbbing, pumping cock, and three horny, wet pussied nymphos ready to devour it! The bitches are in control and bring Mr. 18 Inch to his knees. He begs for mercy as they stuff their muffs on his tongue-darting face. Soon, they drop and suck his massive prick until it spurts with delight! Then, the ultimate in pleasure is his, as they spread wide and take his gigantic prize as far up their wet vadges as possible! Starring: Mr. 18 Inch, Lena Ramon, Gina Delvaux, and Mia Domore.

Gentleman's Video

Mr. Stretch Dick
4 hours of homemade footage of extreme sex scenes. Real like women having truly incredible orgasms just like men! "It was the most incredible orgasm I ever had! Cum just kept spraying from my pussy. He kept rubbing my clit and I just kept cumming and cumming!
Leisure Time

Nothing can hold a match to these puff-mamas! It's social taboo what these f**k and suck mamas do. They stuff it up their pussies, suck it till it squirts and just puff away like ball crazed nymphos! Just give them anything shaped like a long hard cigar and watch what happens. Oh Yeah… Nothing can hold a match to these puff-mamas! Starring: Brooke Hunter, Layla Jade, Vandalia, Don Hollywood, Jeremy Steele
Gentleman's Video

A 4 Hour genuine Vivid Euro Sex Fest! They're out to raise some hell... and you cock! They want to ride your broomstick! Starring: Anna Malle, Tina Tyler, Valentino, Bobby Vitale, Sergio Demon, Eva Black and many more!

Christian, aka Beast, is an adult actor who plays repressed submissive characters in videos. But his sexual itch is never satisfied in the roles he acts. It’s Beauty, played by Jessica Drake, who obsesses him. In his free time, he frequents the S&M leather bars around L.A. where he’s repeatedly faced with Beauty at every turn—or is it? His mind plays tricks on him until he actually does meet the mistress of his dreams. Beauty, in the meantime, works in a fetish club, playing out the bizarre and disturbing fantasies of her clients. Eventually, the two meet and develop a doomed relationship, but their brief romance comes to an abrupt end after a violent and deadly confrontation between the owner of the fetish club where Beauty plies her kinky trade and Beast. Michael Raven has pulled out the stops in this feature shot on film, and what he’s shot will shock you, astound you, disturb you, but you’ll never forget it. The Beast has been tamed.
Sin City

  Violence On Violence
Nicole Bass, the world's largest female body builder stars in this violent, yet kinky feature! The queen of bondage and humiliation is at it again... with wrestling super star John Kronus.
Extreme Associates

Stinky Stained Panty Party
These nasty babes want to party! So it's cocksucking, butt fucking, pussy eating for everybody. It's a Stinky Stained Panty Party! Starring: Alexxxis, Tyler, Samantha, Michelle Raven, Kyle Stone, Mark Wood, & Dave Hardman.

Stinky Stained Panty Party 2
They're back and they're hornier than the first time! It's Stinky Stained Panty Party #2! These hot sexy sluts want you to lick their panties right off their little tight asses. So get to it! Starring: Dynamite, Gauge, Kennedy, Rick Masters, Mark Wood, and Mojo.

Taming Of The Crew
Tabitha catches her warehouse employees bad-mouthing her. She teaches them that talking trash means paying the price. Tabitha gets what she deserves in the end when Sweetie Pie gets a hold of her. Don't miss out on this great movie! Starring: Tabitha Stevens, Stephanie Swift, Stephanie DuValle and Sweetie Pie.

Sin City

outta whack.jpg (86461 bytes) outta whack-back.jpg (75822 bytes) Outta Whack
4 Hours of outrageous sexual antics! Outta control, nasty wild sex action! Starring: Meriesa, Desert Rose, Dayton, Jeanaa Fine, Felicia, Debbie Diamond, Anna Malle, Sky Chandler, Jill Kelly and too many more to list!

mr 18 & his freaky adventures mr 18 & his freaky adventures Mr. 18" & His Freaky Adventures
Step right up ladies & gentlemen, to the greatest show on the planet! It's weird, it's crazy, it's totally kinky! Fat girls, old girls, and girls with dicks! And Tony the 18" Wonder of the world gets to fuck them all... hold on to your stub, you're about to be amazed!
Gentlemen's Video

fuck talk.jpg (87001 bytes) fuck talk-back.jpg (106558 bytes) Fuck Talk
Phone sex is still the best way to interact with a girl and jerk off! Live, interactive, nasty, 1-on-1 filthy fuck talk. The hottest chicks telling you everything you want to hear, while you can watch them fuck themselves. Now you never have to worry that the girl on the other end of the phone is fat and ugly because now you an watch the girl as you talk to her. After this interactive video... you'll never pick up the phone again.





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