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Boss Bitches #13
They know what you want! Total domination from a woman with a strap-on! Get on your knees and take it up When a beautiful suck-slut like Leanna Heart straps on a huge dildo, your ass is in deep trouble! We're concerned about her unrelenting fury on the male asshole and her curious obsession to with ass-fucking sissies with gigantic strap-on dicks. Do you have what it takes to call yourself one of Leanna's bitches?
Gentlemen's Video

Boss Bitches #12
Welcome to Brooke’s Playground, where no-nonsense women make the rules and guys are forced to play by them! For these take-charge tramps, cramming a long hard dildo up a sissy’s tight ass is only half the fun… watching the guy scream and cream on himself when it’s all over is what really drives them wild! Join Brooke and her cast of sexy strap-on sluts as they dominate men and subject them to filth forms of discipline and punishment! Watch as these guys suck and swallow huge strap-ons, eat and screw dripping wet pink pussies, and take over ten inches of plastic penetration up their ass like champs! Play by the rules or the Boss Bitches will unleash their fury on your asshole! Starring: Brooke Hunter, Don Hollywood.
Gentlemen's Video

Boss Bitches #11
Chantz Fortune is on the prowl! Not all strap-on sluts have what it takes to be bonafide Boss Bitches! Sure, any woman with a plastic cock can talk the talk, but it takes a special breed of slut to destroy a man’s ego and asshole in the same night! These anal invaders enjoy getting screwed just as much as the next girl, but unleashing their fury and frustration on an innocent man’s asshole is what really drives them wild! Nothing is taboo and no man is safe when these “Special Kinky Edition” Boss Bitches are on the hunt! Starring: Chantz Fortune, Amber Reign, Michelle St. James, Jonni Andolini, Rick Drexel.
Gentlemen's Video

Boss Bitches #10
It's a fucking attack on men by women. These ladies want to destroy every male ass hole, sucking mouth and macho ego. These Boss Bitches strap on hard dildos and cram it into any guy who gets in their way... hey, this doesn't mean that the guys don't get some cock sucking, ass and pussy fuckin' along the way, but mostly it's female Full Deliverance! 
Gentlemen's Video

Boss Bitches #9
When a dildo is stapped onto Chanz Fortune, it becomes a weapon of ass destruction! Chanz and her female (so-called) friends can butt-hump a man with such dominant fury it's frightening. So, on your knees and spread 'em, guys& the Boss Bitches are gonna add some Insult and Injury!" Starring: Chanz Fortune, Rebecca Starr, Racquel and Steve Wilcox.
Gentlemen's Video

Boss Bitches #8
How would you like beautiful, big titted Chantz Fortune driving her big, thick plastic weeny up your asshole? OK... how would you like four more strap-on honeys doing the same thing to you? How about all at the same time, in the same hole!? Wanna watch? Starring: Chantz Fortune, Rebecca Starr, Mercedes Ashley, Chrystal White, Steve Wilcox & Mercedes.
Gentlemen's Video

Boss Bitches #7
Forceful, domineering and sex crazed only starts to describe these Boss Bitches! When these pink twated, boob bouncing, cock sucking ‘DOMS’ strap on an Ass Destroyer, they mean business! They’ll cram it up your bung hole and then lick it clean, then they’ll suck you dry as you cum on them…Hell, what more could you ask for? Starring: Sabrina Love-Cox, Dildo Danny, Brandy Starz, Amanda, Rick Hardwick & Melissa Ashley. 
Gentlemen's Video

Boss Bitches #6
Bend over! I'm sticking this up your ass hole ! And you're gonna love it as me and my other boss bitches teach you what it feels like to be fucked... and if you're real good, I might let you cum on us! Starring: Bisexual Britani, Jen X, Dauja Milan, Dildo Danny, Johnny, and Marty Maiden.
Gentlemen's Video

Boss Bitches #5
They know what you want! Total domination from a woman with a strap-on! Get on your knees and take it up your ass like a man. And you'd better lick her pussy while your down there. The Boss Bitches will show you whose boss!
Gentlemen's Video

The Strap-On Queen
Kendra Jade is back and kinkier than ever! The "first lady of hard balling" shows us what a strap-on is made for. There's all kinds of guys getting their asses crammed by the world's sexiest women... including all kinds of fucking, sucking, face creaming, dick blowing, ass to mouthing, pussy eating and power ass cramming going on here. Plus a special guest appearance: Mr. 18"
Gentlemen's Video

Boss Bitches #3
When these boss babes put on their strap-ons they become Boss Bitches! They have no mercy  on any guy with a swinging dick... They'll stuff it up ass holes, down gagging throats! And after they suck and fuck you, they'll put make you eat their pussy! There are things in here you won't believe!
Gentlemen's Video

Boss Bitches #2
Girls with toys... what a thrill! Girls with toys who use them on their guys... what a turn-on! But when the girls strap them on and penetrate taboo parts of their lover's bodies... it's pure delight. Watch out guys, they're out to stick it to you! Starring: Terri Star, Shelby Star, Mia Domore, Angela D'Angelo, Brick Major, & Dick Nasty.
Gentlemen's Video

Boss Bitches
Spread your ass cheeks and say "ahhh" because the "strap-on sisters are in town. These bitches are all out boss as they drive their 10 inch prongs deep up your ass. These mama's are in charge and no man is safe! Hey guys, the line forms to the right! Starring: Angela D'Angelo, Mr. Sexy, C.J. Bennett, Tony, Jack Hammer, and Cheryl. 
Gentlemen's Video




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